• Vittoria Air-Liner Rengasinsertti XC/Trail 29x2,1-2,4" renkaalle
  • Vittoria Air-Liner Rengasinsertti XC/Trail 29x2,1-2,4" renkaalle
  • Vittoria Air-Liner Rengasinsertti XC/Trail 29x2,1-2,4" renkaalle

Vittoria Air-Liner Rengasinsertti XC/Trail 29x2,1-2,4" renkaalle

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Hinta: 55,00 5500 59,90 € 5990
Määrä: kpl
Vittoria Air-Liner Tire Insert markkinoiden kevein (vain 55g) rengasinsertti suojaa rengasta ja vannetta iskuilta. Tukevoittaa renkaan rakennetta estäen rengasta burppaamasta ja taittumasta alle. Parantaa pitoa sallien pienemmät rengaspaineet. Ei ime litkua itseensä.

Renkaan koko / vanteen sisälevys
29x2,1-2,4" / 25-30mm

HUOM!! Myyntierä 1kpl, paketissa mukana oma 40mm venttiili!


Vittoria Air-Liner Tire Insert - MTB Light

Maximum rim and tire protection with the Air Liner Light

The Air-Liner Light from Vittoria is the new insert for tubeless MTB tires to improve the performance and characteristics of the wheel-tire system in cross-country, down-country and trail. After the success of the Air-Liner MTB inserts, Vittoria has now developed a new generation of tire inserts that offer much more than just puncture protection. In close collaboration with riders and mechanics of the teams BMC MTB Racing, Santa Cruz FSA and KTM-Vittoria, the Air-Liner Light was developed. It is extremely lightweight and offers speed, protection and run-flat performance.


Super light and super fast

Air-Liner Light is the lightest and fastest insert for tubeless MTB tires on the market. With a weight of only 55g, Air-Liner Light is not noticeable and provides agile and fast bike handling. The shape of the insert is designed to fit perfectly in rim channels from 25 to 30mm wide. This perfect fit ensures that the insert is always properly seated in the rim - which means no additional rotating mass in the tire.

Improved suspension characteristics

The tire is the only point of contact between rider, bike and ground. It is the first element to absorb shock when riding off-road. The liner allows progressive compression of the tire when it is under load. In this way, the Air-Liner Light improves the riding experience while increasing stability and grip. The compression is so effective that the rider does not even notice that the insert is working. In fact, the Air-Liner Light's foam provides a kind of "limitless margin" for tire compression, resulting in greater comfort, better grip and higher speed.

Emergency running properties

In the event of a flat tire and loss of air, the Air-Liner Light expands to provide excellent tire support. The foam consists of open cells that can maintain their own air pressure and release the air contained in the foam cells as soon as the tire loses air. In this way, the Air-Liner Light expands and provides more support to the tire, allowing run-flat riding. The liner is compatible with the use of sealants and is covered with a tough waterproof skin to prevent cuts and sealant absorption. Thanks to its advanced technology, the Air-Liner Light will get you home successfully during training and safely to the finish line during racing.

Protection and lateral stability

Air-Liner Light maximizes the puncture protection of the tire. The progressive compression of the foam provides extreme shock absorption and prevents punctures after a puncture (snake bite). In addition, the design of the liner increases lateral stability in curves and prevents the tire from bursting. With the Air-Liner Light in your tire, you'll tackle the most extreme turns at high speeds with confidence.

Air-Liner Light Specifications

The Air-Liner Light is available as a super-light ring (only 55 g) and is colored in Vittoria's iconic Air-Liner green. It is compatible with MTB tires sizes 29 "x2,1" to 29 "x2,4", with rim channels from 25mm to 30mm wide and any sealant. It must be used only with tubeless tires and reusable tubeless valves. The packaging of the Air-Liner Light includes an insert and a Vittoria Green Multiway Tubeless valve 40mm.

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