NoTubes ZTR Sentry MK3 29"

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NoTube Sentry MK3 27.5 Rim 32H Black
Täysin uusi 32mm sisäleveä vanne.
Paino vain 521g.

  • ore stable 32mm internal width for tires up to 3.0 

  • Gradual taper rim shape and 6069 alloy is lighter, stiffer, and stronger 

  • Patented BST design for easiest and most reliable tubeless

  • Most trusted tubeless system for easy setup and low maintenance

  • Sapim Secure Lock aluminum nipples

  • WideRight optimized for 2.50”-3.00” Trail tires

    Designed for today’s wider tires, the Sentry MK3’s patented low-profile sidewall and lightweight 6069 alloy construction delivers width without the weight. Our patented BST rim design allows a tire to expand to its full volume without distorting its shape, and the 32mm internal width of the Sentry MK3 is more stable with 2.50”-3.00” tires. The result is less rolling resistance, more traction, and incredible handling. The Sentry MK3 wheelset is a great upgrade for anyone looking for the traction and control needed to take on even the most difficult trails. Offered in 26”, 27.5” and 29”, with the option to purchases as a wheel or a rim, the Sentry MK3 proves wider can mean faster

    Rim Internal Width: 32.0mm            ETRTO: 559x26.0 (26") / 584x26.0 (27.5") / 622x26.0 (29")
    Rim External Width: 35.4mm   ISO: 26"x35.4mm / 27.5"x35.4mm / 29"x35.4mm
    Rim Depth: 17.6mm   Tape: 33mm
    Hole Count: 32-hole   Valve: Presta
    Rim Color: Black   Max Spoke Tension: Max Spoke Tension: 125kgf (1225N)
    Material: 6069 Aluminum Alloy   Max Pressure with 2.50" Tire: 36psi
    Brakes: Disc only   Max Pressure with 3.00" Tire: 24psi
    ERD: 540mm (26") / 565mm (27.5") / 603mm (29")   Rim Weight: 498g (26") / 521g(27.5") / 556g 
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