Moonlight 700 lm

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Moonlight Bright as Day 700 lm
Valaisinpää on todella kevyt 48g
GoPro yhteensopiva


The Bright as Day 700 is our lightest and most versatile headlamp. This is the perfect companion for your running, hiking and camping adventures!

Tech Specs

True Lumens 700
Light Spread 15-30º
Lamp Weight 48g
Lamp body 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Battery type 1 cell, 3,200mAh (3.7V)
Battery Est. Life 500 cycles
Runtime 4 dimm levels:
#1: 20h (5%, 35lm)
#2: 6h (25%, 175lm)
#3: 3h (50%, 350lm)
#4: 1h30 (100%, 700lm)
Mount GoPro QuickClip compatible

Nylon Head-strap
1 Meter Extension Power Cable
Wall Charger Cord
Zippered pouch

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