Wolf Tooth Alloy Bar End Plugs

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Wolf Tooth Alloy Bar End Plugs

Alumiininen tangon pää plugi, käy sekä maasto että maantietankoon. Tangon sisähalkaisija 16-21,5mm. 

Add a flash of color to your handlebars. Alloy Bar End Plugs are precision engineered and machined using lightweight, durable 6061-T6 aluminum. They are compatible with mountain and road bike handlebars thanks to an expanding wedge that makes a secure fit for most inner bar diameters. Available in a variety of anodized color options that match Wolf Tooth headsets, stem caps, seatpost clamps, bolts, and more. 


  • Works with mountain and road bike handlebars. The expanding wedge makes a secure fit for most handlebar diameters.
  • Compatible with handlebars measuring 18 mm to 21.5 mm inner diameter.
  • Use 3 mm hex tool (not included) to secure bar end plugs. Tighten until snug; DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
Drop bar tape wrap for Bar Plug installation

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Tech Specs

Weight: 17 g for set of two
Alloy plug diameter: 26.6mm
Compatible handlebar inner diameter range: 18 mm - 21.5mm
Material:  6061-T6 aluminum cap, black anodized 7075 aluminum bolt, glass-filled nylon expanding wedge
Made in the USA

Right to Repair. Replacement parts are available for this product.
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