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OneUp Switch spideri RaceFace Cinch kiinnitykselle

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Switch. A quick-change direct mount chainring system from OneUp Components.

Switch was developed to reduce the cost of replacement chainrings, increase compatibility with new offsets and to make the process of changing your chainring much faster and simpler.  

  • Cheaper Replacement Cost - Replacement rings are a fraction of the cost of a complete direct mount chainring
  • Quick Change - Replace your ring in less than an minute, using only a 4mm hex key. Tailor your gearing to the terrain that you're riding
  • Enduro World Series Champion Winning Narrow Wide tooth profile keeps your chain in place on the roughest terrain
  • 5 Ring Sizes (28, 30, 32, 34, 36T)
  • 2 Profiles - both Round and Oval 
  • Get ultimate traction with Oval rings by smoothing out the torque you deliver to your rear tire
  • 3 Offsets - Regular, Boost and Super Boost

Quick Change

Rings can be replaced in less than a minute with only a 4mm allen key, without removing your crank. Simply loosen the bolts 2 turns, unlock the ring by rotating it by 20 degrees and pull it over and off your crank. Reverse these steps to install your new ring. If you plan to ride a trail that you know is steeper than your local trails, you can switch to a smaller ring in the parking lot, in less time than it takes your friend to put on his riding shoes!


Material: 7075-T6

Weight: 69g (30T Boost Cinch Oval)

Chainline: Regular (49mm), Boost (52mm), Super Boost (56.5mm)

Compatibility: Race Face Cinch cranks9, 10, 11 and 12 Speed SRAM Chains (not compatible with 12 Speed XTR Chains)

Colour: Black

Colour: Black

Oval Rings: 

  • 12% ovality (32T is equal to a 30T-34T range)
  • 115° clocking from crank arm puts the major axis in your power stroke

Installation: Align the small bump on the edge of the carrier with your crank arm. Install ring onto carrier and tighten bolts to 8Nm. All 4 bolts need to be backed off / tightened to Switch rings (anti-clockwise is tightening from the outside / on bike position). Use some grease on the Switch bolts and tightening with a wrench FULLY ENGAGED in the bolt. 

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