Evoc FR Lite Race 10l

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EVOC FR LITE RACE on suunniteltu Enduro kilpailemiseen ja siihen se on enemmän kuin maailman paras.
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Evoc FR LITE RACE 10L Protector Backpack

The FR LITE RACE protector backpack has been specially designed for enduro bike races. Low weight and a completely ventilated carrying system with an AIROFLEX hip belt are the highlights of this race backpack. As an update, this pack received a shorter backpart to minimize helmet contact while riding steeper sections.

Evoc FR LITE RACE 10L - Specifications

  • LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR offers 95% shock absorption
  • LITESHIELD SYSTEM AIR for maximum back ventilation
  • Nutrition pocket


The EVOC LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR combines maximum protection against falls and a feather-light, highly effective construction with a great deal of flexibility. At the same time, it is completely impervious to temperature. As is the case for most sport helmet manufacturers, Evoc use an EPS construction, although theirs is specifically adapted to back protection requirements by means of a segmented, multi-layer approach. Besides featuring excellent shock-absorbing properties, this protection concept enables fall damage to be identified immediately, so that the protector can be individually replaced.

CE-Norm EN 1621-2 + TÜV/GS
Materials and protective functions have been tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, according to EU norm 89/686/EEC for personal protective equipment (PPE), category 2. IN ADDITION, they have been certified in respect of product safety by TÜV/GS.

With a residual force value of only 9.75 kN, the EVOC LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR achieves a damping effect that is almost double that required. This means that about 95% of the impact force is absorbed! CE-Norm proved:
  • Protected area
  • Sizes
  • Temperature range
  • Water test
  • Directions for use

  • Overhead stability test at full load (e.g. 20l volume = 18kg test weight!)
  • Adjustment options
  • Chemicals: Test of 18 harmful substances
  • Independent inspection body
  • According to the German Product Safety Law (ProdSG)
  • Annual onsite product inspection

EVOC now offers a special customer service with the free CRASH REPLACEMENT of all PROTECTOR BACKPACKS and PROTECTION WEAR products. Like helmets the LITESHIELD PROTECTOR is part of your personal protective equipment and protects vital parts of your body. It should be replaced after a serious crash.

This system combines the essential back proximity for a back protector with maximum back ventilation. The back area is close fitting and features a large, central ventilation channel as well as two rows of “ventilation grids”: air mesh-covered EVA foam strips with ventilation holes and a special gabled groove reduce the contact surface on the back, which improves air circulation. The extra-wide, ergonomically shaped hip belt is made from the AIRO FLEX material. In this way, the main load – even in the case of a fully loaded backpack – is transferred to the hips, where it is fixed, while optimum breathability is ensured.

AIRO FLEX is an extremely sturdy material that is both permeable and flexible. Evoc use it for the top-quality hip belts to ensure optimum load transfer to the hips, with simultaneous maximum ventilation – for utmost carrying comfort.

AIR CIRCULATION is used in all the Evoc backpacks, as it ensures optimum ventilation while preventing excessive cooling down of the sensitive kidney area, even during extremely high-strain activities or intensive perspiration. Constant, free air circulation is guaranteed as a result of the vertical air channel. Gaps along the sides of the channel allow additional air to escape.

Size guide

Back length is critical for ensuring optimal protection. When calculating your own torso length, measure from the top of your hip to your shoulder.
Size Torso length (cm) Hip belt amount (cm) Volume (liters)
S 38-43 76-105 (flex) 8
M/L 44-50 84-115 (flex) 10


3D Air Mesh
This three dimensionally structured fabric with variable thread sizes (P75D*30D) offers the optimal properties in ventilation and cushioning for the covers of paddings and shoulder straps.

Airo Flex
This nylon fabric (herringbone band) features excellent flexibility and a high degree of material stability while offering great air permeability. Thanks to this combination it's the perfect material for use in the high-quality hip belts.

N210 D Ripstop PU coated
The demands for the perfect outer material of a backpack can be summed up in four characteristics: durable, abrasion resistant, water repellent and very light. This is exactly what the Nylon 210/D Ripstop offers. A double PU-coating of the lightweight nylon base provides moisture protection and wear resistance. A micro texture of filaments segments the basic fabric into tiny squares to prevent rips – hence the name Ripstop.
Included in delivery: incl. back protector
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs
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