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Hinta: 220,00 269,00 €
Määrä: kpl
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With over two years of development and extensive global testing, the TELLIS dropper post delivers a full package solution that mountain enthusiast have been waiting for and rightfully deserve. While the TELLIS doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it addresses every shortcoming from other problematic models currently available. The TELLIS is one of the most durable and simplistic droppers on the market, with an easy cable actuated, sealed hydraulic cartridge system, featuring the softest lever action in the game and backed with a 2 year warranty and global support services, all at an affordable price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Internal Routed, Infinitely Adjustable Design: 125mm and 150mm Travel

Simplistic, Fully Sealed Alloy Cage / Stainless Tip Cartridge System

Durable 3D Forged Head w/ 7075-T6 Forged Clamp

Industry Leading Featherlight Thumb Actuation

Intelligent Keyway System Ensures Minimal Play

Easiest Installation – Cable Head Attaches At Base

Cold Weather Approved – Tested Down To -20C

1x Lever included w/ Premium Jaguar Lex Slick Housing, Stainless Cable & Hardware

Global Backend Support, Service Parts & Instructions Readily Available
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