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Hinta: 159,00 280,00 €
Määrä: kpl
Maailman kehittynein Gravel, Cyclocross, XC ja maantiekypärä.
Paino hyvästä suojauksesta huolimatta vain 220-260g!
The Octal X helmet has been developed from the same technology and design as the award-winning Octal road helmet, notably the extreme ventilation, low weight, unibody shell construction and aerodynamic efficieny. To perfectly suit the needs of cross country mountain biking the Octal X has added robustness and protection. The inclusion of POCs proven aramid bridge technology adds structural integrity and guards against impact penetration. A fundamental feature in the Octal X’s improved performance and saftey is the extended helmet shell, which covers more of the helmet liner ensuring that the helmet has enhanced strength properties with very little increase in weight. 1. Fully wrapped unibody shell construction 2. Light weight 3. Highly ventilated using unique ventilation design 4. Aramid bridge technology integrated with liner 5. High performance EPS shell covering more of the liner 6. Size adjustment system 7. Straps molded into liner 8. Eye garage to keep your sunglasses SIZES XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL WEIGHT 210g (M-L)
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