Pivot Switchblade Pro X01 Eagle

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Pivot Switchblade on uuden sukupolven eduroa ja trail pyörä.
Nyt 160mm keula 44mm Offsetillä
Voit käyttää kaikkia 29" tai 27,5+ kiekkoja ja renkaita.
Sinä päätät!
Tämä pyörä on äärinmäinen hauskanpitoväline!



Uudistunut Pivot Switchblade on nyt entistä terävämpi.
Uusi Fox 160mm keula lyhyellä 44mm Offsetillä.
Keula loiventaa ohjainkulmaa puolisen astetta geotaulukon luvuista.
Switchblade on monipuolinen ja nopea pyörä kaikille poluilla, kaikkialla maailmassa.
Ajoitpa alas tai ylös, niin Switchbalde hoitaa työnsä.

-Fits 27.5+ tires up to 3.25” wide
-Features Pivot's new long and low geometry
-Ultra short 428mm (16.85”) chainstays beat every other bike in the category
-Front derailleur compatible with Pivot’s stealth E-Type mounting system
-135mm dw-link rear suspension with upper clevis and linkage and double wishbone rear triangle
-27.5+ spec’d with either 40mm inner width DT alloy or Reynolds carbon wheels and aggressive new Maxxis REKON 2.8 tires
-29” spec’d with 30mm inner width DT rims or 30mm inner width Reynolds Enduro carbon rims and aggressive Maxxis Minion Tyres
-New ultra-quiet low durometer rubberized frame protection-Front derailleur compatible
-Fits almost every rider (everyone between 4'11" and 6'2"+)
-10-year warranty


Pivot-tuned dw-link® suspension offers the perfect balance of traction, acceleration, square-edge bump performance, superior braking performance and the ability to handle big hits with ease.



Thanks to Dave Weagle’s dw-link® rear suspension, the Switchblade takes the suffering out of the steepest, rockiest climbs. The suspension is amazingly efficient, yet supple and active, providing you with all the traction you need to clean the trickiest technical sections. The Switchblade is the rare bike that shines on the toughest downhill tracks yet never sacrifices a shred of climbing ability.



From the start, we designed the Switchblade to not just “accommodate” both 29 and 27.5 wheels, but to excel with both wheel sizes. The Switchblade boasts both the shortest chainstays in its class (for agile handling) and more clearance for wide tires than any of its competitors. Putting these two holy grails of bike design into a single frame design enables you to experience both unmatched high-speed stability through chunky terrain and effortless split-second manuals over seemingly impossible obstacles. Our Super Boost Plus rear spacing deserves a lot of the credit here for making all this possible and while we’re on the subject, it also improves frame stiffness, wheel durability and lets you use a front derailleur while you’re at it.  Want to run a 29er set up to get maximum rollover and quick handling? Go for it. Looking for unrivaled traction and a more forgiving, stable ride quality in loose, rocky conditions? Go with one of our 27.5-plus tire and wheel build kits. 29 or 27.5-plus—the Switchblade is brilliant in both wheel sizes.



The Switchblade is an absolute weapon on the steepest and roughest descents. Its sleek-yet-stout carbon chassis takes more than a few cues from our gravity bikes. The Switchblade’s double wishbone rear triangle is damn close to what you’ll find on our World Cup CH bike—the Phoenix. The ultra-stiff linkage design? It’s what you’ll find on our Mach 6 and Firebird enduro models. The end result is the absolute stiffest frameset available in the trail category—giving you precise control and the ability to tackle new terrain every time you ride. No surprise, the suspension plays a huge role here as well. Because the Switchblade’s dw-link® rear suspension doesn’t squat or bob under pedaling force, we are able to lower the bottom bracket height and slacken the head angle to achieve the best performance in high speed and technical sections while still maintaining the precise handling and “poppy” ride that makes a great trail bike so much fun.



Rear suspension duties are aptly handled by a Fox Float DPX2 shock tuned specifically for the Switchblade’s dual personality.  When combined with the ultra-low friction Kashima coating, Fox’s design offers an incredibly plush feel in every setting. Finally, we’ve paired the Switchblade’s excellent rear suspension with the latest 160mm Fox 36 – the perfect fork for trail riders who seek complete control over the most aggressive terrain. 



Pivot utilizes a proprietary hollow-core internal molding technology to create the highest quality handmade carbon frames available.


Through the employ  of hard internal forms for both layup and the molding  process, we achieve more consistent pressures, the highest level of material compaction, and extremely tight tolerances over the entire frame structure. This ultra-precise layup method can be optimized to achieve ideal handling characteristics for every model's purpose and for every size in the line up, enabling  you to experience renowned Pivot ride quality on every trail.




Say hello to the easiest, cleanest and quietest cable routing solution – beloved by mechanics and Pivot owners alike.


No more fishing for cables, no more rattles due to loose housing – our future-proof internal system offers huge access ports for fast assembly, universal housing clamps that keep your Pivot quiet, full Shimano Di2 integration, and future-proof compatibility with all gearing and dropper configurations.


Confident Yet Nimble


The Switchblade is one bike that does an amazing amount of things well: You can chalk a lot of that up to its innovative approach to geometry.


With a long and low front center, the bike gives you a centered “in the bike” feel that adds stability at high speeds. The Switchblade also possesses one of the shortest rear centers in its class, with 16.85" (428mm) chainstays. Those short chainstays give the bike a snappy, lively on tight trails. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

“Balanced” is the word that best describes the Switchblade’s angles. The Switchblade’s 67.25° head angle, is slack enough to lend the bike a calm and neutral on the toughest descents, but not so relaxed that you’ll encounter wheel flop on steep climbs. The bike’s 74.25° seat angle provides an optimal climbing position that increases traction.




At Pivot, we believe the bike should fit the rider, not the other way around.


Our approach to rider-size-specific geometry relies on a balanced fit and adjusted geometry to maintain correct wheelbase length and handling to properly accommodate the proportions of a smaller rider.

Our smaller sizes are built with shorter head tubes to create more stand-over height, enabling smaller-statured riders to achieve a centered, athletic, position on the bike with tons of clearance over the top tube – essential to descending and cornering with confidence and speed.

Size-specific carbon molds enable Pivot's engineers to utilize smaller tube diameters and unique carbon layups for lighter size small and size extra small frames – all while maintaining the same strength standards, pedaling efficiency and frame stiffness as are found in larger size Pivot bikes.

Lighter shock tuning and leverage rates enable us to achieve the ideal ride feel for a diverse range of rider weights and ride styles.

Pivot complete bike specifications intelligently address real-world rider differences, with the option to choose women’s specific saddle on any size and shorter cranks on our S and XS sizes.

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