Moonlight 3200 lm

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Moonlight Bright as Day 3200 lm
Valaisinpää on todella kevyt 100g
GoPro yhteensopiva


The Bright As Day 3200 is a fully-sealed waterproof and dust-proof headlamp built for a wide range of rugged adventures. We tuned each component so that the lamp can endure extreme cold temperatures while delivering its full power. Take advantage of the unique 8 LEDs setup to brighten your next ride or ski trip in the dark!

Tech Specs

True Lumens 3200
Light Spread 15-30º
Lamp Weight 100g
Lamp body 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Battery type 4 cells, 3,400mAh (14.8V)
Battery Est. Life 500 cycles
Runtime 4 dimm levels:
#1: 20h (5%, 160lm)
#2: 6h (25%, 800lm)
#3: 3h (50%, 1,600lm)
#4: 1h30 (100%, 3,200lm)
Mount GoPro QuickClip compatible

Nylon Head-strap
1 Meter Extension Power Cable
Wall Charger Cord
Zippered pouch

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