Evoc FR Supertrail Bolivia

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Evoc 20l selkäpanssarilla varustettu reissureppu pyöräilyyn

The FR Supertrail, named after the La Paz region in Bolivia, is packed with features. Designed to offer superior comfort, with neutrally balanced load distribution, it allows full freedom of movement on the bike. The FR Supertrail includes an integrated back protector and rain cover.

Searching for the perfect trail is an essential part of the EVOC story. In the La Paz region in Bolivia we discovered one that’s truly worthy of the “Supertrail” label. We have dedicated this 20-litre protector backpack to this bike trail and have made it a limited edition. To be continued...

LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR offers 95% shock absorption 

Tool compartment (separate, wide swing-opening)

Accommodates hydration systems up to 3 l 

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