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  • Alpinestars  Evolution Knee/Shin protector
  • Alpinestars  Evolution Knee/Shin protector

Alpinestars Evolution Knee/Shin protector

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Aplinestars Evolution polvi/säärisuojat
Kevyt ja säädettävä polvisuoja.
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The Evolution Knee/Shin Protector provides impact and abrasion protection while open mesh lining offers high levels of comfort on even the longest of rides. Constructed for a breathable and tight fit, the shin guard incorporates is light and forms a tight fit around the lower leg.

• Highly flexible and lightweight knee guard constructed from breathable laminated rip-stop, PE foam and poly-mesh.

• Integrated soft shell, PE patella piece is covered with durable fabric made from aramidic fiber for abrasion and impact protection.

• Liner offers progressive protection while providing a soft contact against the skin.

• Snug design offers a firm compression fit and soft tissue support for all styles of riding.

• Velcro® top and bottom elastic straps to help keep the protection in place.

• Silicone printing on the inner liner also prevents the guard being displaced while riding.

• Stretch mesh panel for better stability of the guard while riding.

• Evolution Knee/Shin Protector is CE Certified.

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